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Couponing isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. It’s about making smart choices, following sales and doing a little homework. No, you can’t find the great deals and get all the freebies by luck — sorry. You do have to take some time out of your day  to find them. That being said there are ways to cut down that time so you aren’t spending 20+ hours a week hunting down deals, because that’s not really savvy if you ask me.

So for the couponing newbie, where to start? Click on the pages below to find the how-to, what-what and all of the questions and answers you might have about couponing. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Leave a comment or fill out a contact form on the Contact Me page. I’ll not only update you, but update the site with a “thanks” to you for pointing it out.

The Basics
Where to Get Coupons
Coupon Terminology – Learn the Couponing Lingo!


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