15 Ways to Cut Expenses Now

How much are your household expenses each month? The average American household over spends just about everywhere.  Not just on groceries — utilities, credit cards and even nights out drain the bank account as fast as the money is put in. Even if you’re not living paycheck-to-paycheck you can add a little more green to your wallet by implementing these 15 ways to cut expenses now. Of course, it’s up to you how many you want to use now, tomorrow or three months along. The faster you start, the more you save.

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Awesome Frugal Living Resource for Moms!

Hey Moms, looking for a resource that makes your life easier? The Mom’s Resource can help! I totally just stumbled across this website and I’m glad I did. They have awesome recipes (including penny pinchin’ ones), tips and money resources. I love it. Check it out here.

Note: I am not affiliated with this blog nor am I being paid to suggest this blog. I am sharing this because I found it useful and I think you will too.

10 Things You Can Always Get Free with Coupons

PrintI have had a lot of people ask me what is a good deal, what’s rock bottom, couponing tips, and what they can get for free. Determining the “rock bottom” price means you need to track prices in your area. One location’s rock bottom varies greatly from another. For example, here in Utah my rock bottom is about $0.25 to $1.00 higher than the rock bottom price people can get in states that double coupons.

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Preserve Fruits and Veggies Without Canning!

Frugal living isn’t just about getting cheap food at the grocery store — it’s about reducing waste, preserving food and stretching your dollar until it’s so thin you can see through it! The Kitchn has a great blog post about preserving fruits and vegetables WITHOUT canning. These are really clever and some are really quick too. Use these tips for your fresh produce from the garden or cheap finds at the store!

So far my favorite here is the “Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Rolls“.

But, you can check out more here.

Thanks The Kitchn for sharing your ridiculously frugal ideas — I love it!

Couponing Myths: Stores Lose Money by Accepting Coupons (Myth 1)


There are plenty of couponing myths out there. Some have a touch of truth to them, for sure, but the majority are false. This series will focus on all of those couponing myths and debunk them or at least shine a little light on the them so you can see where these myths have gotten out of hand. Even if you’re just looking for a little couponing 101, understanding these myths is important. A lot of these myths lead couponers to skip over valuable savings or not use coupons at all. This series will continue on debunking each myth I discover.

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10 Ways to Start Living Frugal

Living frugal isn’t as painful as you might think. In fact, once you jump on the frugal wagon you’ll find it really difficult to fall off. Frugal living is a way of life and once you learn to embrace it, it comes naturally. To help get you started, here are ten frugal tips you can implement today.

Be Frugal, Hit the Books

Libraries are cheap — book stores are not. You can start getting your favorite books — including new releases — for free at your local library. Even better, you can find movies and CDs now too! If you really want to rent a hot new movie, consider RedBox — movies are just a $1 a night.

Use Coupons

Coupons are free and help you shave money off your spending — even if you don’t go “extreme” with them. Even buying regular, retail priced products with coupons could save you 25% a month! Online printable coupons are free and fast to get!

Stop Eating Out
All those hamburgers, pizza orders and fried chicken buckets are killer on your budget and your health. Start cutting back on take-out. If possible, shave it down to twice a month.

Stop Mailing Payments
Every time you pay a bill and do so through the mail, you’re costing yourself money. Sign up for bill pay with your financial institution — most banks have it these days.

Group Your Errands
If you have a lot of errands, use one day a week to drive around and do them — rather than splitting it up. One trip means less gas.

Freeze Food
When you find food on sale, buy it and freeze it. Things like bread, meat and even milk freeze well and allow you to buy more at a lower price and save.

Switch to Cold Water
Your clothes don’t need hot boiling water every time you wash them. Even “warm” settings cost money. Start washing clothes on cold and save the hot water for sanitizing only.

Turn Things Off
Leaving a lamp or DVD player running might seem minimal, but they cost money. Turn things off when you’re not using them and even better, unplug them — they still suck electricity while plugged in, even if they’re turned off.

Grow Vegetables
Vegetable gardens are fun and tasty! You’ll get fresh produce for free right at home. Some easy starters include zucchini, tomatoes and bell peppers.

Use a Store Loyalty Card
You don’t even have to use coupons if you don’t want to! Store loyalty cards are FREE and usually save you 25 to 40% on your groceries. Also, you usually need one just to get the sales.

You can start living the frugal life today just by employing these quick tips. So, go ahead, sign up for a loyalty card (they’re online you know), start flipping the “off” switch and wash today’s load of laundry in cold. You’ll be frugal living in no time!

Awesome FREE Printables for Gifts and Treats!

Free Printables by CandiQuick

I found a site with great recipes and awesome printables for gift bags and homemade treats. She has these tags assorted by ocassion (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even a Teacher Appreciation Day). All of these tags are free and super cute. I can’t wait to use some of these mysef.

Thanks for the adorable printables Candiquick!