Tips on Couponing: How to Coupon with Kids

Going to the grocery store is a pain for anyone, but when you add kids into the mix it can become a nightmare. While taking the kids (both young and old alike) to the store poses it’s own set of unique challenges, there are ways you can bring the kids along and keep your sanity in the process. While some of these are extreme couponing tips, the majority can be applied to general couponers as well.

Couponing 101 with Kids: Have the Kids Help Create the List

Your kids will be a lot more interested in shopping if they participate. So, have them help create the shopping list for your trip. Ask their opinion on items to get and let them choose a few things — even if you don’t have coupons. The more they participate and the more involved they are in the process the more likely they are to enjoy the trip.

Teach the Kids Some Coupons 101

A lot of times kids don’t like shopping simply because they don’t understand what it is you’re doing. Talk to your kids, let them know why you’re at the store and why you’re using coupons. Every time you find a deal, get excited and give your kids time to be excited too. The more interactive the process, the better it will be for everyone.

Bring Distractions
This is especially true for young kids. Shopping is boring for kids, but for little ones who cannot comprehend what it is you’re doing, it can be brutal. Bring along toys or other distractions that will keep your kids entertained, especially if you plan on being there for a bit.

Pick the Right Time
Never ever try to grocery shop or extreme coupon if it overlaps naps or meal times. If you have a little one on bottles, bring the bottle along — it might actually help entertain while you’re shopping. Go during a time your kids are rested, well-fed and in good moods. For most kids, this is the morning. By late afternoon you’ll have some cranky, over-tired kids who aren’t too thrilled to be at the store.

Ignore the Annoyed Customers
You’re bound to run into a few customers who are outright annoyed that you’re there with kids. If your kids are acting out, ignore the annoyed customers — it’s likely they don’t have kids; therefore, they don’t get it. Of course, keep your kids in line too. No one likes kids running around the store making a mess or causing havoc.

Use the Grocery Store Perks
A lot of stores have specialty carts with cars or other fun ride-ons for the kids. Use them! If your store is out or doesn’t have them, use the mini carts — designed to keep those kids busy. Let your kids pick up items off the list and put them in their own cart. They’ll feel like they are right there shopping with you!

Want to learn more?
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