How to Get Coupons

Seems simple enough to find them, right? Wrong. To get the coupons you need you have to look different places. They’re not all magically lined up in one location for you to pluck and use.

The Sunday paper has the best and the most at a single time. Some weeks you’ll have one insert, while others you will have up to six.

Cheap Sunday Paper FInds:
Walmart sells them sometimes for a $1, but if you wait until Monday, the dollar stores will have the Sunday papers on sale for $1 too.

Coupons come in the mail every Wednesday. You’ve probably seen them — just don’t say you tossed them! RedPlum is what I will typically find in my mailbox, but here and there you’ll find a SmartSource insert too.

In addition you can sign up for home mailers through companies, such as diaper companies or specific brands. Store loyalty programs often send coupons in the mail as well.

Blinkies and Tear Pads
When you walk down the aisle of your grocery store take a look for a small box in front of products with a blinking light. These are called “blinkies” (clever name, I know). These little coupon machines are located throughout the store and have coupons on products you might not readily find online or in the paper. But, you can only use one of these bad boys at a time during your shopping trip. Sure, take a few to stock up, but typically only one is allowed per day per customer.

Tear pads don’t blink and they’re a little harder to spot in a crowded store. It’s usually a whole pad of coupons that you tear one off and use. Please, don’t take the entire pad. It’s rude and not proper etiquette.

When the cashier hands you your receipt, do you notice there are a bunch of coupons with it? These are called Catalinas. Don’t throw them away — they’re big money savers! In fact, most catalinas have higher value amounts than traditional coupons. While sometimes catalinas (also referred to as “cats”) are for a specific product, you can also get dollar off values good toward your entire purchase, such as $2 off your next order, $5 off your next order, etc.

These are on the product itself and YES you can use them right when you buy it. Just peel and present at the register. Read the fine print though, some peelies state you can only use one per day. If that’s the case, peel and buy that item and come back for more another day — if you don’t mind coming back.

Print Online
Online coupon are quick, easy and available to everyone.  Some popular places to find them include:

You’re limited to two prints per computer. Got three computers? Then you could print each coupon a total of six times. Once maxed out you have to wait for the coupon to reset — typically at the first of the month.

Other Online Sources:
Facebook – Popular manufacturers offer coupons on their Facebook pages
Store Sites – Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and grocery store chains offer coupons on their sites

Ask People
It’s estimated that only 20% or less of coupons actually get redeemed. So it’s likely friends, family and neighbors have some coupons they’re not going to use. Ask them to save them for you. If they’re reluctant, bribe them with free goods you can get. I’ve been known to hand out tubes of toothpaste to neighbors and family for their contribution to my coupon pile.

Loyalty Programs
Smith’s Grocery, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and other store loyalty programs allow manufacturer and store coupons to be loaded directly to your loyalty card.


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