Couponing Myths: Stores Lose Money by Accepting Coupons (Myth 1)


There are plenty of couponing myths out there. Some have a touch of truth to them, for sure, but the majority are false. This series will focus on all of those couponing myths and debunk them or at least shine a little light on the them so you can see where these myths have gotten out of hand. Even if you’re just looking for a little couponing 101, understanding these myths is important. A lot of these myths lead couponers to skip over valuable savings or not use coupons at all. This series will continue on debunking each myth I discover.

Do you have a myth or concern? Visit the Contact Me page and submit it. I’ll not only address it in this series, but I’ll give a little shout out to you for bringing it up!

We are going to start with the biggest and most infamous couponing myth: stores lose money when they accept coupons.

The Truth:

No, stores don’t lose money by accepting coupons. I know, it’s hard to believe when every time you use a coupon the cashier seems annoyed and acts as though you’re stealing from the store, but it’s not true. Sometimes cashiers are improperly trained or just not educated on how coupons work, so they do assume you’re taking free stuff from the store and the store is losing money, but again, the store doesn’t lose a dime.

In fact, stores MAKE MONEY off coupons. It’s true.

Look at your coupon. You’ll see wording about a reimbursement. Usually something along the lines of “Manufacturer will reimburse you face value of this coupon plus $0.08…” — now these aren’t the exact words, but you’ll notice that the manufacturer states the store is reimbursed for the value of the coupon and an additional amount to compensate for shipping/handling and hassle. So, stores actually make money from the coupons they accept.

If a cashier ever tells you the store is losing money, point out that precious statement on the coupon itself. Then, ask to speak to a manager and let them know their employees need some proper training on coupons.

Now, go, use those coupons! This couponing myth has been debunked, squashed and your mind is put at ease — or so I hope.

Get more tips on couponing by following the Couponing 101 page.

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