What’s Free This Week? 8/22


It’s time for the What’s Free This Week post! Most of these sales still run through Sunday. Also, check back regularly or visit the Freebies section to see free stuff posted daily

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*Freebie Alert* Free Turbo Movie Storybook App for Android!

Want to try out the new Turbo Movie Storybook app for Android? You can free in the Amazon store! You can also test drive the app on your computer — no Android needed. Right now this app is free, but like all free things on Amazon, they usually go back up. Right now this app is on sale (regular $2.99) and there’s no guarantee how long it will stay free. If your kid likes Turbo, give it a try.


Dollar Tree Deals 8/16, Free Cereal, Makeup and More!

dollar tree weeklyIt’s time to update the weekly Dollar Tree deals. Dollar Tree’s prices are always the same — $1 per item — but inventory fluctuates greatly. One minute they’ll have something in my store, the next it’s gone. So, check your Dollar Tree. Don’t see something at your Dollar Tree? Leave a comment and update us all!

Are you new to shopping at Dollar Tree? Try these links before you head to the store:

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What’s Free This Week – Free Spices, Oral Care and More!

freebiesIt’s time for the “What’s Free This Week?” post! We will go over EVERYTHING you can get for free in-store this week based on the sales advertisements. Free is always great, right?

If you need coupons, there are plenty of printable coupons right now that will hook you up with free stuff in-store. If you aren’t getting Sunday coupons from your newspaper, you can get Sunday editions for as low as $0.38 per week here.


RedPlum or Save.com

Ready for the freebies? I have them organized by store. So let’s get some free stuff!

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Free Kindle Craft Book, DIY Gift Guide on Amazon!

I love freebies and this is a good one. Grab a copy of this FREE Kindle Craft Book — the DIY Gift Guide by Homemade Quirk. Get some awesome DIY gift ideas — yes, I’ve read it already — and start making gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why pay for unique gifts when you can make them? There are 18 different DIY gift ideas and they’re perfect for just about anyone.

Hurry and snatch it up, free books don’t usually stay free forever.

(Updated) *Freebie Alert* Free Gillette Shaving Cream at Walmart!

There’s a regional coupon coming out that is ridiculously high value. How high? $6/3 Gillette cartridges, razors, shave prep or skin (excludesGillette body wash, deodorant and hair care products). You’ll find it in today’s RedPlum coupon insert. So what’s the deal?

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Walmart Coupon Deals: Free Bic Razors, Cheap Nail Polish and More!

walmart weeklyWith the Sunday coupons out and ready to use, it’s time to review how you can make those coupons work for you. Since Walmart has everyday low prices, you don’t have to rush over there today (or even this week) to scoop up these deals. Prices vary depending on where you live, so your Walmart may have these cheaper or more expensive. The Centerville Walmart here always has higher prices than Salt Lake — lucky me.

If you want more than one of these, order the coupons here rather than picking up multiple copies of the newspaper for just a select few coupons.

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