Homemade Laundry Detergent and More!

I love homemade cleaners. They smell better, work better and my kids can be around them! Most of these cleaners are made from the basic three:

  1. Baking Soda
  2. White Vinegar
  3. Dish Soap

Seriously, that simple! I found this book on Kindle the other day and it’s well worth the bucks!

Buy “Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again” for $3.99 (or borrow free with your Kindle if you have Amazon Prime) and read it. There’s tons of helpful stuff in here!


Cheap Clothes for Kids at Target!

target 8.21

I went to Target on the hunt for some shoes for my one year old (of course they didn’t have any I liked), but when I ventured over to the kids department I found AWESOME clearances on boy’s clothes!


I picked up three shirts for my son at $2.50 a piece clearance (75%), but then  I used the Target Cartwheel for 15% off too, so each shirt was just $2.04! Of course there was a Ninja Turtles shirt so I had to grab it for my son — there’s plenty at the Target in Centerville too if your kid has a TMNT addiction too.


If you don’t have Target Cartwheel, you need it. It’s free and you can use it on your phone. It shaves off an additional percentage at the register! You can use it on regular priced clothes too — there are some adorable baby clothes at Target right now, don’t get me started.

They have some baby outfits on clearance for 50% off. I found a 3-piece Carter PJ set in 18 months for just $7! Sure I could have gotten it cheaper, but it was too stinkin cute to pass up and for $7 for three pieces that’s about $2.33 a piece, so I was happy.

Get to Target before all the clearance stuff is gone! The one here had practically nothing left for clearance shoes.

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Store Policies – Do They Matter?

There are a lot of couponers that ignore store policies — I was one of those too. But, if you’re a couponer store policies are very important. These guide you on how many coupons you can use, the types of coupons accepted and how overages are applied. We are going to discuss a few basics here today, but also I’ll link you to a few popular stores and their policies so that you can print and keep them nearby.

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Couponing Myths: You Only Get Junk Food with Coupons (Myth 3)

canstockphoto12483793It’s time to continue the series and debunk yet another myth about coupons. A lot of shoppers avoid store coupons and online coupons because they assume that all they can buy with those coupons is junk food. Yes, there are tons of junk food or processed food item coupons out there, but that’s not all there is.

Coupons for Healthy Food

There are tons of coupons for healthy food — you just have to actually look. Online printable coupons, like Coupons.com or RedPlum.com have dozens of coupons on healthy stuff. Store coupons do too! Smith’s for example, has coupons for organic food items, like Simply Organic. I load these to my store loyalty card and wait for a sale.

You Can’t Get Free, Healthy Foods with Coupons

This is nonsense. I get free healthy foods with coupons all the time. Just the other day I got a free watermelon and gallon of milk. It is possible! Plus, you can always use your overages for free healthy foods.

To get cheap healthy foods you need to look out for them. Stores pack their advertisements and coupon inserts with junk food, but there are just as many healthy food coupons out there too. Also, a lot of stores don’t advertise the healthy food sales, but there are still killer deals. Whole Foods also has tons of sales and printable coupons that help you walk away with vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly and organic foods for over 80% off.

Sorry to burst the negativity bubble! But this myth is most definitely untrue.

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Get Pull-Ups at Walmart for $0.39 Each!

There’s a high value coupon available that gets you Pull-Ups Wipes for just $0.39 each at Walmart!

Pull-Ups Big Kid Flushable Wipes, 42 ct $1.64, regular price
Use $1.25/1 – Pull-Ups Big Kid Flushable Wipes, not good on trial size, cannot be combined with any other coupon – (pull-ups.com)
Final Price: $0.39

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Toys ‘R Us Price Match Guarantee (Now Matching Competitor’s Online Prices – Amazon.com + More!)

That’s right!


If you’re a Toys R’ Us shopper, then here is some great news! Toys ‘R Us just updated their Price Match Guarantee to now include online prices which can mean great savings for you! As outlined here, Toys R Us will now match prices from selected online competitor websites, including Walmart.com, Target.com, BestBuy.com, Sears.com, Kmart.com, buybuyBaby.com, Meijer.com, FredMeyer.com, diapers.com, BabyDepot.com, and Amazon.com (not including marketplace pricing).

Keep in mind that online prices must be verifiable via competitor website. Prices are matched after deducting any Toys”R”Us and/or Babies”R”Us coupon savings and other offers from the price. Competitor shipping charges will be calculated and factored in the cost of online prices.

Finally note that Toys R Us will not price match online prices advertised during the week of Black Friday or on Cyber Monday and online pricing that is limited to one day or less (e.g. one day deal, 6-hour sale…

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Save Up to $55 with SavingStar Coupons

UntitledNew SavingStar coupons have been released. If you don’t have SavingStar, get it. It’s free — there’s no gimmicks. You just load the coupons to your grocery store or drugstore loyalty card and as you buy the specified items you earn cash back. Once you reach the $5 threshold you can have your money deposited in your bank account, Amazon card account or even PayPal! These coupons are awesome, especially when you pair them with the manufacturer coupons on Coupons.com. Usually you can double up! And, if your store already doubles coupons you’ll be tripling!

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