Save Up to $55 with SavingStar Coupons

UntitledNew SavingStar coupons have been released. If you don’t have SavingStar, get it. It’s free — there’s no gimmicks. You just load the coupons to your grocery store or drugstore loyalty card and as you buy the specified items you earn cash back. Once you reach the $5 threshold you can have your money deposited in your bank account, Amazon card account or even PayPal! These coupons are awesome, especially when you pair them with the manufacturer coupons on Usually you can double up! And, if your store already doubles coupons you’ll be tripling!

So what are some of the new coupons?

savingstarHere’s what has just been added:

Each of these already has a coupon too. Click below to print the coupon, buy at your store and redeem from SavingStar. So it’s like getting $2 off each item (which might make an item free).

Manufacturer coupons you can pair with SavingStar coupon deals:


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