Couponing Myths: You Only Get Junk Food with Coupons (Myth 3)

canstockphoto12483793It’s time to continue the series and debunk yet another myth about coupons. A lot of shoppers avoid store coupons and online coupons because they assume that all they can buy with those coupons is junk food. Yes, there are tons of junk food or processed food item coupons out there, but that’s not all there is.

Coupons for Healthy Food

There are tons of coupons for healthy food — you just have to actually look. Online printable coupons, like or have dozens of coupons on healthy stuff. Store coupons do too! Smith’s for example, has coupons for organic food items, like Simply Organic. I load these to my store loyalty card and wait for a sale.

You Can’t Get Free, Healthy Foods with Coupons

This is nonsense. I get free healthy foods with coupons all the time. Just the other day I got a free watermelon and gallon of milk. It is possible! Plus, you can always use your overages for free healthy foods.

To get cheap healthy foods you need to look out for them. Stores pack their advertisements and coupon inserts with junk food, but there are just as many healthy food coupons out there too. Also, a lot of stores don’t advertise the healthy food sales, but there are still killer deals. Whole Foods also has tons of sales and printable coupons that help you walk away with vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly and organic foods for over 80% off.

Sorry to burst the negativity bubble! But this myth is most definitely untrue.

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