Cheap Clothes for Kids at Target!

target 8.21

I went to Target on the hunt for some shoes for my one year old (of course they didn’t have any I liked), but when I ventured over to the kids department I found AWESOME clearances on boy’s clothes!


I picked up three shirts for my son at $2.50 a piece clearance (75%), but then  I used the Target Cartwheel for 15% off too, so each shirt was just $2.04! Of course there was a Ninja Turtles shirt so I had to grab it for my son — there’s plenty at the Target in Centerville too if your kid has a TMNT addiction too.


If you don’t have Target Cartwheel, you need it. It’s free and you can use it on your phone. It shaves off an additional percentage at the register! You can use it on regular priced clothes too — there are some adorable baby clothes at Target right now, don’t get me started.

They have some baby outfits on clearance for 50% off. I found a 3-piece Carter PJ set in 18 months for just $7! Sure I could have gotten it cheaper, but it was too stinkin cute to pass up and for $7 for three pieces that’s about $2.33 a piece, so I was happy.

Get to Target before all the clearance stuff is gone! The one here had practically nothing left for clearance shoes.

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