15 Ways to Cut Expenses Now

How much are your household expenses each month? The average American household over spends just about everywhere.  Not just on groceries — utilities, credit cards and even nights out drain the bank account as fast as the money is put in. Even if you’re not living paycheck-to-paycheck you can add a little more green to your wallet by implementing these 15 ways to cut expenses now. Of course, it’s up to you how many you want to use now, tomorrow or three months along. The faster you start, the more you save.

Take a look at these 15 ways to cut expenses today so you can save tomorrow.

1. Sit down and write where your money goes — from fixed expenses to spending. You cannot save money if you don’t know where all of your money is going.

2. Eliminate all of the unnecessary purchasing, such as eating out every other day, frequent stops to Starbucks, etc.

3. Make a shopping list when you go to the grocery store and only buy WHAT YOU NEED. Don’t give into the impulse buys! A shopping list keeps you focused and keeps you from overspending at the store.

4. Set your thermostat to higher/lower temperature when you’re not home. There’s no point in your home maintaining your optimal living temperature when you’re not even there.

5. When you leave a room turn off the light and any devices you’re not using inside of it. Unplug cellphone chargers and other devices not in use so they don’t continue to draw power.

6. Use a shower-reduction kit. This helps reduce the amount of water your shower gives off at a time.

7. Do your laundry, but try washing it on cold rather than hot and only wash clothes when you have a full load.

8. Use an online shopping robot program to find the cheapest deal online, such as RetailMeNot.com or DealHunting.com.

9. Look at your healthcare charges and ask for an itemized statement. More often than not doctors double, accidentally charge for items you didn’t receive, etc. These cost you big in premiums and deductible costs and can be avoided.

10. Change furnace and air conditioner filters regularly — a clogged air filter restricts air flow and makes your machine consume more energy than it needs to.

11. Lower the water temperature on your water heater by 20 degrees — which can save you up to 10 percent a year!

12. Reduce your cellphone plan to match the amount of minutes you actually use. Most consumers pay for double the amount of minutes they use on their plans.

13. Use a gas finder app on your smartphone or look online at MSN’s Autos’ Gas Price Finder to locate the cheapest pumps in your area. Use store loyalty cards at your grocery store and see if you can earn money back to help you save at the pump.

14. Grow your own herbs and vegetables. Even if you cannot create a whole garden, try at least a few herbs in a pot at home to shave a few dollars off the grocery bill. Then, gradually work your way up.

15. Use discount rental stores for your videos, like Netflix.com or RedBox. These offer discounted movie rentals that are often 30 to 60 percent cheaper than Blockbuster and other movie rental chains.


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