Couponing Myths: Low Value Coupons Aren’t Worth the Time (Myth 2)

canstockphoto12483793A lot of shoppers skip over the low value coupons — $0.25, $0.50, etc. They assume that since they only shave off a quarter (or two) they’re not worth the time to clip and use. This couponing myth is easily debunked. Why? Because when you pair those low value coupons with the right sale, you can get products fairly cheap — sometimes free.

For example, Pampers releases a $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes coupon a few times per year (in the Proctor & Gamble insert). The cheapest I can find wipes (regular price) is $1.97 at Walmart. So when you use that coupon, it doesn’t do much. But, when these same wipes go on sale at Smith’s (usually in their Buy 10, Save $10 sale), they’re $0.99 each. With that coupon I get baby wipes for $0.49!

If it’s a product you’ll use and need, clip those low value coupons. While they may not dent a regular-priced item, they sure make a difference come sale time.

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