Celebrate S’mores Month with These Delicious Recipes!

Did you know August is S’mores month? Yeah, I didn’t either. To help celebrate this new found holiday (well, I call it a holiday because s’mores are certainly something to celebrate), I have found a few unique s’mores recipes that the entire family will enjoy. And, since they’re s’mores their inheritably cheap to make! Double score! So let’s celebrate S’mores Month in style, shall we?

Just Us Four Blog has an awesome recipe for S’mores Pizza! That’s right, pizza. It’s super simple with a pizza crust, marshmallows and chocolate squares! OMG this looks good.

I would add my own personal touch by sprinkling toasted, crushed graham cracker and drizzled chocolate to the top, but that’s just me.

(Thanks Just Us Four!)
No bake cookie dough s’mores! Delicious…and sinful. Inside BruCrew Life has this outrageous recipe that I have to try. And it’s a no bake cookie…my type of cookie!
(Thanks Inside BruCrew life!)
Why not start off the morning right, with s’mores pancakes? I say yes! This awesome recipe by Craft Quickies features S’mores Pancakes complete with all the fixins. Hmmm…I might just try these today.
(Thanks Craft Quickies!)

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