What is a Peelie?

peelieIf you’re new to couponing you’ve probably already noticed the variety of terms associated with this money-saving hobby. One of those terms might be “Peelie”. So what is this little coupon wonder with the strange name? Well, peelie comes from the more official term known as “peel off” coupon. These are found attached to the product and you can redeem them right there in the store when you pick it up.

When you see a peelie, don’t just pick it up and leave the product. You’re supposed to buy the product and use the coupon. It’s rude to just take them. How would you feel if someone just scooped them all up and you didn’t get one? Exactly. Peelie thieves are not cool nor are they respected what-so-ever. So don’t be one.

The point of the peelie is to use it right there. But, sometimes you have a high value coupon already in your coupon collection that you want to use. Well, save the peelie for later and use the high value coupon you have in your arsenal.

Why Use a Peelie?
Products with peelies are awesome! Not only can you pick up a product for cheaper than you planned, but you can try out new products you don’t have coupons for just yet. Also, peelies have LONG expiration dates. In fact, I just picked up one today that doesn’t expire until December 31, 2013! So, I recommend using any coupons in your arsenal that are going to expire sooner first and save the peelies.

Now you are a peelie expert.


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