How To: Make That Thrift Store Furniture Look Good!

There are so many great furniture finds at garage sales and thrift stores. Just by painting these items you can refurbish them and get a trendy, unique piece of furniture for 80% less than retail.

The Average Girl's "How To" Guide

I have a couple of examples of how I’ve made ugly outdated stuff look pretty good!


The Green Desk:

In college I traded an old crappy Ikea desk for this one. Now the legs were wobbly and it had been stained (over glossy veneer so it was very streaky and globby). When we moved to our house it was in the garage for almost a year when I realized I need a make up table! I stripped the paint (easy to do with paint stripper and scraper). The legs had been lost but I got new ones and some mounts at Home Depot and screwed them on. I bought glossy paint with primer in it so that eliminates a step and works well! Then, I just used a craft glaze for the surface which makes it nice and hard and gets rid of the tackiness. And Voila! I have…

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