*High Value Coupons* Smith’s Grocery Coupons

smiths coupons

Smith’s has digital coupons you can load to your loyalty card and they automatically deduct at checkout. But, right now they have some awesome high value coupons that everyone should load ASAP. These are rare coupons. You can use each one up to FIVE TIMES in a transaction. That’s like having five cut-out coupons in your hand. So if you have physical coupons too, you can double up. I used these digital coupons with my paper coupons and got 10 items I would have only been able to get 5 of originally. These all expire 8/31, but right now they match up really well with Smith’s Buy 5, Save $5 sale going on today through August 13th.

Brands include major brands AND Smith’s brands.

Remember you can use these up to five times in a single transaction, but you cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days. Your digital coupons max out at 150, so if you have too many, you’ll need to delete some or only select the ones you’ll use right away.

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