My five rules for Couponing in college

Awesome post. Realistic and truly savvy. Way to Go College Couponer.

College Graduate on a College Budget

1. Do not buy anything that you can’t use.

   Remember that you are couponing as a necessity. If you or someone you know can’t use the item, don’t buy it. I know it’s really tempting even if you have coupons, but really what are you going to do with 50 boxes of cat litter if you don’t have a cat? Now if you take those boxes to the humane society, then you’re good to go! The same goes for if you already have a good supply of an item. I recently watched one of the Extreme Coupon episodes and saw a woman who had an entire wall of toothpaste. No one in their life could go through all of that toothpaste by themselves.

2. If you are stockpiling and have a good supply, only buy items if they are 0.50 cents or cheaper.

The whole purpose of couponing in…

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